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Alicia Estrada began her clothing company 17 years ago, with the idea to create vintage inspired dresses for all shapes and sizes.The idea to actually do this, came by accident and out of necessity, rather than a business plan, like they always say necessity is the mother of invention.   During Alicia’s high school and college years , Alicia would often visit thrift stores combing the racks and looking for 1950s, and 1960s style dresses.  To Alicia’s surprise, most of the vintage dresses were actually in size small or extra small.  Alicia has always been a bigger gal with curves, and therefore could hardly ever find vintage clothing that actually fit her.  So early on, Alicia began to alter the smaller retro dresses, by adding fabric down the underarms, and side seams to make the dresses actually fit.  Soon afterwards, Alicia took her sewing skills to another level and not only  began to alter retro clothing, but began to actually make her own drapes and patterns.  Alicia did not have an actual dress form to drape on, so she just draped the dresses on her sisters, since they were all pretty much the same size.  Soon everywhere she went, she was getting attention.  Thats where the name “Stop Staring!” came from.  While in college, she would make clothing out of any fabric and materials she could find. She made skirts and dresses out of bottle caps, and shower curtains. It was a very creative time and Alicia enjoyed the creative expression of making her own clothing.  Soon everyone began to stop and stare at her, so as a joke she painted in black “STOP STARING!” across the back of one of her homemade skirts.  Deep down in Alicia’s heart, she really enjoyed all the attention and wrote “Stop Staring!” as a joke.  Also, when she first started sewing, her style was very punk rock mixed with vintage, so she considered herself very anti fashion!  So as her sewing skills improved, so did her clientele base.  At first Alicia was just selling dresses to friends, but soon the word got around, and even boutique owners wanted to see her collection.  At the time, Alicia did not even know what a collection was, let alone sell to stores.  She decided to show her dresses to one of the boutique owners on Melrose, who had contacted her.  Next thing you know, Alicias designs were the number 1 seller in that boutique. Word got around, and more and more boutiques began to call her.  Its interesting to note though, that when Alicia started to sell to boutiques, most of her styles were punk and club wear inspired by 1960s retro.  But as a designer, Alicia has always marched to the beat of her own drum.  So when Alicia got bored with the 1960s era, she started designing dresses inspired by the 1950s.  This is when her collection really took off!  Soon, just about every vintage store in California, was calling her to stock her 50s vintage inspired dresses!  Alicia was one of the first designers to really focus her line of clothing based on the 1950s look. She named her dress line Stop Staring! because you really could not stop staring at her beautiful dresses.  Today, Alicia has inspired hundreds of companies to create their own vintage inspired dresses, fueling the retro look, but by far Alicia has been a leader and trail blazer in this industry!  Stop Staring! dresses are unmatched, and have the reputation of designing beautiful dresses with an excellent fit and quality that lasts!  This month Stop Staring! is opening its very own first boutique in the beautiful scenic town of Tehachapi, California.  The address is 108  W. Tehachapi Blvd., in Tehachapi, Calfornia.  This boutique will serve as a flagship store, to introduce dozens of Stop Staring! boutiques across America.  Alicia felt that after 17 years of filling 1000s of boutiques with her dresses, that it was finally time to roll out her own boutiques!  Alicia plans to fill her boutiques with not only her retro dresses, but also plans to design, jewelry, purses, and shoes, all under her famous label Stop Staring!  Come by and visit her new Stop Staring! boutique, located 2 hours north of Los Angeles, nestled in the beautiful mountain and farming community of Tehachapi California.  Make a day of it, as the drive is so scenic and beautiful, and there are plenty of beautiful antique shops and delicious places to eat! Come spend a day with us in the countryside!

The Stop Staring! boutique is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10am-5pm

We are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

The address is 108 W. Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, Ca

Please call 213-627-1480 for directions.

The Grand Opening date is Friday March 9, 2018!


On February 23, 2016, by Hilary Rudd


Loni Venti, the Senior Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, recently explored what it would be to live as her idol Marilyn Monroe for one week. And in the course of stepping into her idol’s shoes, she came to the experts on modern vintage style at Stop Staring to achieve her look. With our “MISTY” dress she successfully achieved her look to become Marilyn for the image above. She discovered things about herself and her idol that turned into an unexpected week of soul searching that you can read all about by clicking HERE. For all who have that sincere reverence for the past and hold vintage near and dear to their heart we at Stop Staring Clothing are here to help you achieve all the glamorous looks you desire. Find this and many more vintage inspired looks by visiting us at:



How to Style Your Groom to Match Your Vintage Style

On February 10, 2016, by Andrew Corbett

Stop Staring 4

Image courtesy of Pexels 

When it comes to weddings, brides tend to steal the spotlight thanks to their luxurious dresses and ethereal hair and makeup. But what about the groom? Don’t ignore your fiance’s wedding day attire – after all, it can perfectly complement your own vintage bridal look! Style a dapper groom by following these helpful guidelines that help achieve that vintage style you both love.


Stop Staring 5

The simplest way to transform a modern man’s look into a blast from the past is with one easy addition: a vest! This single item makes a huge difference when paired with a suit, and it hearkens back to a day and time when men really dressed up for special occasions. Three-piece suits have largely been replaced in today’s world with basic jackets and slacks, so adding a vest to your groom’s look is a great way to achieve a vintage aesthetic.


Stop Staring 6

Suspender straps are wonderfully reminiscent of the Jazz Age, which makes them an excellent choice for vintage style. Commonly referred to as “braces” in the world of vintage fashion, suspenders are an easy addition to a basic white button-down and trousers, and they look especially good when planning a rustic-themed wedding.


Certain fabrics just stand out from the rest. Tweed, checkered houndstooth prints and velvet are all opulent choices for a handsome groom as well as his well-styled groomsmen.


Collars are an aspect of men’s vintage fashion that doesn’t receive a lot of attention, but they’ve certainly changed throughout the years. Paying attention to these small transformations can work wonders in achieving an authentic look of vintage menswear. Shirt collars used to be more circular, so look for rounded styles to mimic shirts of days past. Wing collars are another vintage alternative, while collar pins are a great addition to fasten collar tips underneath a necktie.


Stop Staring 7

Accessories can take a modern suit into vintage territory with ease. Instead of a traditional tie, opt for a bow tie at the neckline. Pocket watches make cute boutonnieres, while cuff links, cravats and hats can top off a look with ample charm.

Get Inspired

Stop Staring 8

On a final note, doing your homework on vintage groom style doesn’t have to be boring. Turn to period movies like Gone with the Wind, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge and Pride and Prejudice for some helpful cues on men’s vintage styles throughout the decades. Pop some popcorn and grab your sweetie for some good old-fashioned movie nights!

Your groom’s suiting is a major part of your vintage-themed wedding, so dress him accordingly! He’ll enjoy taking a step back in time as he prepares to take that walk down the aisle.


Actress Anne Von Keller Wears Stop Staring!

On February 8, 2016, by Hilary Rudd


Actress Anne Von Keller attends the Zurich Film Festival wearing the red fitted AKAHANA Stop Staring Dress to impress for the crowds! CLICK HERE to see this dress online!

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Vintage Hairstyles Throughout the Decades

On February 3, 2016, by Andrew Corbett

Beloved style icon Iris Apfel once said, “If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.” She makes a good point – your hairstyle is a major component of your style that directly affects how you feel on a daily basis. Great hair days have come in numerous forms throughout the years, and we’re stepping back in time to take a look at some of the most iconic and influential looks associated with each decade. Get ready for some serious hair inspiration, ladies!

The Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties


Recreate classic 1920s flapper style with the decade’s signature bob. This chin-length style was worn by film stars such as Tallulah Bankhead, Louise Brooks, Myrna Loy and Clara Bow. If you’re too afraid to make the cut, simply opt for a faux bob by tucking your hair under and securing it in place with bobby pins. The ‘20s are also known for Signature Marcel finger waves and embellished headbands. This decade known for its decadence is represented well in films such as The Great Gatsby, so study Carey Mulligan and Mia Farrow for style inspiration.

The Turbulent Thirties

Turbulent Thirties

In the 1930s, hairstyles on average got a little longer with looser curls and slightly undone updos. An emphasis was placed on the nape of the neck for a romantic twist that looked softer and more lived-in. Actresses like Fay Wray, Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Carole Lombard and Joan Crawford all embody iconic ‘30s style with their gentle curls and neck-grazing cuts.

The Flying Forties

Flying Forties

The 1940s saw the rise of Rockabilly style as well as glamorous, cascading waves. Best known for its unique take on bangs, this decade gave us Lena Horne’s iconic forward rolling bangs (also called victory rolls) and Bettie Page’s super short baby bangs. Fluff bangs were also popular among ‘40s babes, while pompadours, pin curls and pin-back styles took center stage. Veronica Lake’s flowing waves and Rosie the Riveter’s scarf updo held their own, as well.

The Fabulous Fifties

Fabulous Fifties

You know their names, and you covet their timeless looks. The 1950s introduced us to some of the most iconic Hollywood bombshells in history, and their hairdos were just as impressive. From Marilyn’s platinum waves and Audrey’s polished pixie to Elizabeth Taylor’s Italian cut, these styles helped define this fabulous decade. To capture the essence of the ‘50s, pull long hair back into a high ponytail or chignon. For ladies with shorter hair, flip the ends of your bob out a la Jackie O., or brush them under to mimic Grace Kelly’s Hitchcock-blonde locks.

The Swinging Sixties

Swinging Sixties

Who doesn’t love ‘60s hair? Free-spirited and bold, the hairstyles of this decade are effortlessly feminine and range from the shortest pixies to the longest tousled waves. Mia Farrow’s pixie cut for Rosemary’s Baby is still the source of modern haircutting inspiration, while Jean Shrimpton’s hot roller curls have the perfect amount of body. As any Pinterest girl can report, Brigitte Bardot’s flaxen bouffant and peekaboo bangs are still as lust-worthy and relevant as ever.

The Disco Seventies

Disco Seventies

The disco era brought us more than the Bee Gees and “Stayin’ Alive.” It also gave way to some incredible hairstyles that ranged from minimally chic to wild and free. Think Farrah Fawcett’s wispy wings, Peggy Lipton’s stick-straight strands and Cher’s soft perm. Center parts took precedence with straight styles, while the pageboy offered a new take on short cuts.

Which of these vintage hairstyles is your personal favorite? Tell us which decade you love in the comments section below!


Monthly Sample Sale Tomorrow!

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Charlotte Ross Wears Stop Staring!

On January 28, 2016, by Hilary Rudd



Actress Charlotte Ross on the red carpet premier of Disney’s “The Finest Hours” at the TCL Chinese Theatre on January 25, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

wearing the Stop Staring! Uma fitted dress in army green. Look as stylish as the stars in a new dress today and visit us at Stop Staring! Take a look at this and many other fitted dresses, retro dresses, plus sizes dresses, cocktail dresses or sexy dresses in general!


Eileen Davidson Wears Stop Staring!

On January 28, 2016, by Hilary Rudd


Eileen Davidson from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as well as the Young and The Restless, was spotted looking amazing for her audiences in both our ivory JOLIE halter dress and our LINDSEY dress in peacock blue! Shop where the celebrities do and visit Stop Staring today! Find Celebrity dresses, cocktail dresses, fitted dresses, plus size dresses and much more!


Cute Vintage Wedding Inspiration Ideas

On January 27, 2016, by Andrew Corbett

Stop Staring 18

Planning your wedding day takes a lot of preparation, creativity and patience. There are so many components to consider, and it can at times feel overwhelming to make sure that every little detail is planned to perfection. Cut yourself some slack and focus on how these little details can actually be incredibly fun! If you’re hoping for a vintage-themed walk down the aisle, we’re offering up some helpful tips for your wedding day inspiration.

Rustic Details

Stop Staring 19

Part of what makes a wedding feel vintage-inspired is its finishing touches, but these can get pricey depending on the look you’re after. A rustic theme is a great alternative to elaborate styles, and it can look absolutely stunning in its simplicity. Think of burlap accents, outdoor scenery, baby’s breath, mason jars and reclaimed wood accents. The look is timeless, modest and ethereal with a light color palette of earthy hues.

Dishing Out Antiques

Add elegance to your guests’ dining tables with antique dishes and serving sets. Spongeware, silver-plated trays and decorative matching sets look effortlessly polished and fancy. For an unexpected twist, place flower arrangements inside vintage teapots, or tuck them inside glass cloches or metal birdcages.

The Case for Lace

Stop Staring 20
Image courtesy of Flickr

When it comes to vintage weddings, nothing is as important as lace. Whether you go all-out or simply include a few small lace accents, this is the one must-have to ensure that your wedding captures that vintage mood you crave. Lace is easily incorporated into your big day through your wedding dress or veil. To continue the theme, drape lace cloths atop tables or attach lace bows to the back of guests’ chairs. From the invitations to the baking cups, lace is the perfect way to capture vintage style.

Vintage Touches

The accessories you choose for yourself, the groom and the entire wedding party can go a long way in achieving a vintage look, as well. Pearl necklaces, parasols, unexpected boutonnieres and decorative hair accessories all add to the overall theme.

Knot Your Average Cake

Stop Staring 21

Besides the bride’s dress, all eyes are sure to be on the cake! Take that opportunity to further your decorative ambitions with vintage embellishments. From pearls and lace to hand-painted florals and metallic shimmer, your cake can make a vintage statement with the right accents.

Colorful Beginnings

One of the easiest ways to incorporate vintage style into your wedding décor is through your chosen color palette. You can alter color schemes based on your personal preferences or use specific styles to guide you. Rustic themes typically consist of rust-colored coppers and earth tones such as brown, green and ivory. The trick is to mimic nature with simple flowers and basic décor. Shabby chic decorations generally include pastels and floral prints in colors like soft pink, sage and Tiffany Blue. If you’re feeling bold, saturated Victorian shades of burgundy, emerald and sapphire look regal when paired with decadent fabrics like velvet.

Are you personally planning a vintage-inspired wedding? Tell us your design details in the comments section below!