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Ways to Incorporate Your Vintage Style Into Your Home

On January 13, 2016, by Andrew Corbett

Your home says so much about you, which is why your interior design choices should reflect your overall style. Whether you live in an old Victorian, a quaint cottage or a cramped studio apartment, we’re offering up some tricks to help incorporate your vintage style into your home décor.

Trunk Show

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Make good use of your storage with vintage trunks and chests. These large compartments are ideal for housing blankets and memorabilia, and they decorate your space beautifully. Even better, this style is being integrated more and more into other furnishings such as office desks and coffee table designs for a cohesive touch.

Shabby Chic

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You’re likely familiar with the shabby chic approach to decorating. From reclaimed wood with a weathered feel to distressed paint finishes, these pieces capture the undeniable beauty in wear and tear. In fact, you can even recreate many of these imperfect styles yourself through DIY projects.

Industrial Strength

Another approach to vintage-inspired style is industrial interior design. This masculine décor features a blend of metal and wooden accents and tends to center on utilitarian storage and efficiency. This style is one of the simpler ones to incorporate into your modern home thanks to modest additions like hardware, doorknobs and drawer pulls. Repurposing furniture with metal legs or adding wire backdrops to open shelves is another excellent way to capture an industrial feel.

Finishing Touches

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Furniture shopping can get expensive fast. Rather than sink lots of money into costly sectionals or elaborate bedroom suits, look for smaller ways that you can incorporate a vintage vibe into your overall décor scheme. Stoneware pottery is a gorgeous way to display floral arrangements or hold umbrellas, while antique vases and Roseville pottery add colorful charm to your space.

Textile Style

The fabrics you decorate your home with can also greatly add to its overall vintage theme. Lace is an elegant accent that takes you back to a fancier time, and it’s easily found in tablecloths, curtains, bedding and pillow embroidery. Similarly, velvet adds rich texture to any room, whether via a sectional or a modest throw pillow.

Out of the Woods

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Embrace wood details in your home by leaving them exposed, staining them or whitewashing them for a weathered finish. Whitewashing can completely transform a room, particularly when it’s done on hardwood flooring or repurposed wooden doors.

Serving a Purpose

Embrace vintage dishes and cookware. Spongeware adds personality to a dining room or side table with its charming blue and white print, and the classic style complements any color scheme. Display matching dishes, trays and serveware in a china cabinet to further decorate a bare corner.

Apply Yourself

Vintage appliances and accents can similarly reinvent your living space. Look for antique ovens, refrigerators, claw foot tubs and even basic plumbing features like faucets and exposed pipes.

A Vintage Frame of Mind

Nothing finishes a room quite like framed art and pictures, so showcase yours in order to set the vintage mood of your home. Choose artwork that speaks to you, or make some yourself! Applying a sepia filter to your pictures can give them an old-time feel, while rustic frames can give add an antique vibe.

Which of these vintage approaches to interior design do you like best? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!


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