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Ideas for Memorable Vintage-Themed Engagement Photos

On January 20, 2016, by Andrew Corbett

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You’ve found the person of your dreams and set a date for your big day… but first’s things first: you’ll need to take some engagement pictures! You’re sure to cherish your engagement photos for years to come, so you definitely want them to best represent your style and relationship. More and more couples are foregoing modern photo shoots in favor of vintage-inspired backdrops and themes. We’re taking a look at some creative ways to capture your engagement in the perfect vintage setting.


    Pack Your Bags for a Midnight Train

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There’s something so effortlessly romantic about an old train station, which is why it makes an excellent backdrop for your engagement photo shoot. Throw in some vintage suitcases and decade-specific clothing, and you’ll look like you and your honey just took a train ride back in time. Be sure to include some pictures of the train tracks for a rustic setting, as well.

    Star in a Golden Age Hollywood Romance 

Your love story is just as special as the ones featured on the big screen. Incorporate an old movie theater into your photo shoot for a throwback to the golden age of Hollywood. You can even list specific information about your wedding date on the marquee and use the photo as part of your save the date invitations.

    Spend an Evening at the Carnival

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You know that scene in The Notebook by heart: Noah Calhoun jumps onto a ferris wheel and proceeds to ask Allie Hamilton out on a date in one of the most romantic moments ever captured on film. Okay, so Noah acted a little recklessly and easily could have died, but there’s definitely something magical about a carnival. Capture that magic in your engagement photos with a ferris wheel ride under the stars or a hand-in-hand stroll with your sweetheart amidst the carnival excitement. This scenic backdrop captures young love in a perfectly vintage way.

    Share a Sweet Treat at the Diner

True love means sharing your milkshake with your sweetie, and a diner is a great spot to share a photo shoot together before your wedding day. Whether you’re playing some tunes on the jukebox or wearing a poodle skirt while eating some fries, this setting captures the ‘50s scene flawlessly.

    Take a Drive 

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Utilizing an old automobile instantly takes your engagement shoot back to a different decade, and it makes for great photos! Park the car downtown or on a deserted backstreet, or drive off into the sunset with your husband-to-be.

These ideas can help take your pre-wedding photo shoot to a different time altogether, and it makes your engagement photos truly stand out in terms of creativity and uniqueness.


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