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Cute Vintage Wedding Inspiration Ideas

On January 27, 2016, by Andrew Corbett

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Planning your wedding day takes a lot of preparation, creativity and patience. There are so many components to consider, and it can at times feel overwhelming to make sure that every little detail is planned to perfection. Cut yourself some slack and focus on how these little details can actually be incredibly fun! If you’re hoping for a vintage-themed walk down the aisle, we’re offering up some helpful tips for your wedding day inspiration.

Rustic Details

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Part of what makes a wedding feel vintage-inspired is its finishing touches, but these can get pricey depending on the look you’re after. A rustic theme is a great alternative to elaborate styles, and it can look absolutely stunning in its simplicity. Think of burlap accents, outdoor scenery, baby’s breath, mason jars and reclaimed wood accents. The look is timeless, modest and ethereal with a light color palette of earthy hues.

Dishing Out Antiques

Add elegance to your guests’ dining tables with antique dishes and serving sets. Spongeware, silver-plated trays and decorative matching sets look effortlessly polished and fancy. For an unexpected twist, place flower arrangements inside vintage teapots, or tuck them inside glass cloches or metal birdcages.

The Case for Lace

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When it comes to vintage weddings, nothing is as important as lace. Whether you go all-out or simply include a few small lace accents, this is the one must-have to ensure that your wedding captures that vintage mood you crave. Lace is easily incorporated into your big day through your wedding dress or veil. To continue the theme, drape lace cloths atop tables or attach lace bows to the back of guests’ chairs. From the invitations to the baking cups, lace is the perfect way to capture vintage style.

Vintage Touches

The accessories you choose for yourself, the groom and the entire wedding party can go a long way in achieving a vintage look, as well. Pearl necklaces, parasols, unexpected boutonnieres and decorative hair accessories all add to the overall theme.

Knot Your Average Cake

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Besides the bride’s dress, all eyes are sure to be on the cake! Take that opportunity to further your decorative ambitions with vintage embellishments. From pearls and lace to hand-painted florals and metallic shimmer, your cake can make a vintage statement with the right accents.

Colorful Beginnings

One of the easiest ways to incorporate vintage style into your wedding décor is through your chosen color palette. You can alter color schemes based on your personal preferences or use specific styles to guide you. Rustic themes typically consist of rust-colored coppers and earth tones such as brown, green and ivory. The trick is to mimic nature with simple flowers and basic décor. Shabby chic decorations generally include pastels and floral prints in colors like soft pink, sage and Tiffany Blue. If you’re feeling bold, saturated Victorian shades of burgundy, emerald and sapphire look regal when paired with decadent fabrics like velvet.

Are you personally planning a vintage-inspired wedding? Tell us your design details in the comments section below!


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