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How to Mix Modern and Vintage Into a Cohesive Look

On December 30, 2015, by Andrew Corbett

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to wearing vintage clothing is trying to pull off a head-to-toe vintage look. Doing so usually results in a costume-y ensemble that seems stuck in a different decade altogether. Instead of limiting yourself and your overall style, embrace modern accessories and trends by incorporating them into your vintage aesthetic.

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One of the simplest ways to avoid looking like you’re dressed for a theme party is blending signature pieces from different decades. Pair some ‘70s flare jeans with a tie-front blouse, or wear a knee-length trumpet skirt with a silk blouse and embellished headband. Just be careful not to go wild. A few vintage finds are all it takes to stylishly mix and match without looking overdone.

Makeup and Hair
Any LBD or pantsuit can take on a vintage feel with the right hair and makeup. Upgrade a sweater and pencil skirt duo with ‘20s-era finger waves, or wing your eyeliner to achieve a classic cat-eye. A faux bob can completely transform long locks with inspiration from the Roaring Twenties courtesy of a few strategically placed bobby pins. If you usually wear menswear styles, wear your hair long and straight for a ‘70s vibe, or go glamorous with pin curl waves or a feminine bouffant. The choices are endless!

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Accessories have the power to completely transform an outfit from top to bottom, and they’re a wonderful way to either balance your vintage attire or add some vintage charm to modern basics. Little lace gloves and a beret can reinvent a plain dress coat. Similarly, a fitted denim jacket can tone down a tea dress for more casual wear. The trick is all in balancing these pieces accordingly.

Color Schemes and Prints
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Another ideal way to blend today’s looks with beloved classics is through mixing and matching colors and prints. A plaid A-line skirt looks perfectly fresh when paired with a polka dot sweater, while a floral polyester blouse can brighten up a plaid dress when layered beneath it. Look for opportunities to make your outfits more interesting with these unexpected couplings.

Modern Basics
Pair vintage-themed shapewear with your regular clothes to feel like a modern day Bettie Page. When you picture the glamour of old Hollywood or famous pin-up girls, you’ll likely think of shaping garments like bustiers, garter belts and thigh highs. Even though these items aren’t made to be seen, they can still play a major role in your overall style. Plus, modern shapewear is far more comfortable than its predecessors, so you won’t have to suffer in the name of beauty.

Modern and vintage styles are by no means mutually exclusive. In fact, they bring out the best in one another! Pair these complementary pieces to give your wardrobe ample and unique versatility. How do YOU combine your vintage favorites with your modern clothes? Tell us in the comments!


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