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Red Dresses

No color commands attention quite like red. The seductive shade conjures up images of romantic Valentine’s Day dinners and notations of love. This bold shade is the color of choice for women who aren’t afraid of turning heads for all the right reasons. 

Red is commonly associated with power and passion. It’s no wonder that red is a tried and true classic when it comes to lipstick and fingernail polish, serving as pink’s grown-up sister when you want to dress like a woman. The rich shade has even been shown to affect people physically by raising blood pressure and breathing rates! Whether you’re looking for that perfect red hot number to impress your special someone or simply want to own the room at your next social outing, red is the color you need.

At Stop Staring, we offer plenty of red dresses to help you create the look you’re looking for. Our retro selections turn up the heat with fitted bodices and figure-hugging pencil skirts that add drama. For professional wear, our knee length and midi length skirts offer the coverage you prefer with flounce skirts that play up your waist and skim your hips for a flattering effect.

Whether you want an all-over shade of scarlet or red accents in vintage cherry prints, we have options that cover every shade of this fiery hue, from poppy to wine.    This is the color for women who want the limelight. The red carpet is red for a reason!